Apr 142011

Elevate Software recently released Version 2.05 Build 6 of their ElevateDB database tool. For those not familiar with ElevateDB, it is a prepackaged database solution that can be directly compiled into Delphi, c++ Builder and Lazarus applications.

ElevateDB also run in a client-server mode using a small, but powerful server executable that can be connected by clients using Delphi, c++ Builder, Lazarus as well as though Visual Studio .NET languages via the ElevateDB .NET Data Provider or through additional development platforms using the Elevate ODBC Connector. A newer addition to the ElevateDB family is a PHP extension for Windows based PHP servers.

ElevateDB supports a large subset of the SQL-2003 standard, making the transition to integrate this database easy, while still following standards.

Support for Elevate Software products is primarily via forum / newsgroup or email. Aside from being a great product, the support provided by the owner/developer Tim Young is outstanding. There is a Team Elevate group that also assists other fellow users.

I’d strongly recommend, if you’re in need of a database tool, to check out this product.  The pricing is designed to be very fair and reasonable when compared to other commercial products. In fact, I think it is a GREAT value when all is said and done. If you require source code, there is options to purchase the source code editions for a reasonable surcharge.

Disclaimer: While I’m not being paid by Elevate Software for this mention or an employee of Elevate Software, I am a member of Team Elevate.