May 112011

It’s always interesting to sometimes here competitor developers state that Delphi is not a serious programming language.  It’s sometimes snickered at as if it was archaic and irrelevant as RPGII is today (no offense to RPGII developers). Surely there is no way that a program developed using Delphi can reap serious financial rewards for developers and companies, right?

Early this week, a little company called Skype was recently acquired by a company from Redmond, WA that I don’t think anyone would have trouble guessing who.  The price tag…  $8.5 Billion dollars. I certainly don’t need my MBA education to tell me that this is some serious money.

What’s Skype? For the minority who never heard of Skype, it is video and voice communication product that uses the Internet to carry the signal.  It’s used frequently in communication among companies, especially for intercontinental conference calls and such.  It’s inexpensive and works very well.  It’s almost used a term to communicate, such as “I’ll Skype you tomorrow”, very much as saying “can someone hand me a Klenex”.

What’s this have to do with Delphi?  Well the Windows based client has long used Delphi as the primary development platform. It’s probably one of more well known products you’ve ever used written in Delphi. There are several others you may have heard of:

  • Ad Aware
  • Quickbooks Point of Sale
  • Spybot S&D
  • TOAD
  • FinalBuilder
  • Help and Manual
  • Installaware
  • MySQL Administrator

There’s lots more and you can find on Embarcadero’s website.

Delphi has and continues to grow. Embarcadero has made great strides with the development environment, language and documentation since acquiring the development tools from Borland, who know is no longer in existence.

What future holds for Microsoft Skype and the Windows client? Who knows. Hopefully it will remain developed under Delphi, but I’m probably not in the minority of developers that are guessing it will be ported to .NET and most likely C#.

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  1. AFAICT you’ve coeverd all the bases with this answer!