Sep 292011

I, for one, am excited to see Embarcadero’s new release of their programmer tools recently.  Embarcadero released upgrades for Delphi, C++ Builder, Prism (Pascal for .NET) and PHP begining of September.

I had the chance to see Anders Ohlsonn at the RAD XE2 World Tour stop in Seattle and was one of many that got to see some pretty cool things.

One of the biggest things added to Delphi that has been grumbled about for some time in the community has been lack of native 64 bit support.  With XE2, this is now here, being able to cross compile your application for 32 bit or 64 bit.

Another new feature is releasing a new framework called Firemonkey.  VCL has long been the framework of Delphi and is stable and can do a lot of things. What Firemonkey brings is a whole new world of 3D visual display and a unique presentation layer.  While this new framework is young, it was based on work done by KSDev who sold the IP to Embarcadero and helped create something new.  The heads of Embarcadero have pledged full backing of Firemonkey and promise frequent updates to resolve issues quickly and to try and grow acceptance of new development to this new framework.  Time will tell, for sure, but it looks promising.

Another new feature asked about is cross compiling for the OSX platform. With XE2, this is now an option, however, can only be done (officially) using the Firemonkey framework.  To get to market faster, Embarcadero chose to develop a remote compiler which leverages the FreePascal / XCode compilers for the Mac.  I’m sure XE3 will probably change this to have their own native compiler.